Shopping cart feature

The shopping cart feature of our website does not automatically constitute an order. It only results in a request for a quote submitted to META Vasipari Kft., for which our team will give you a quote within a few days.

How to request a quote:

The exact procedure is detailed under menu item Our services.

How to order:

If you find our quote is appropriate, then – depending on your company routine – you can either send an official purchase order to us on behalf of your company, or you can send your order in an email responding to our quote.

Confirmation of your order:

After receiving the order, our team will create an order confirmation document, which includes – in addition to the data provided in the quote – the scheduled calendar week when you can expect your product to be ready. This document will be sent to you for review. This document is of great importance as it serves as a basis for manufacturing and invoicing, and if something is different from what you have expected, changes can still be made. This is why we ask you to review it after receipt, and if everything is in order, please sign it and send it back to us, so that we know we can start fulfilling what we have undertaken.

Payment terms:

Payment terms are always determined on an individual basis, and this information is included in our quote in every case.


Our final invoice is always issued after delivery, on the basis of the bill of delivery.

When we undertake completing an order with a partial or full payment before delivery, then we issue a down payment invoice upon receipt of the down payment, and this amount is deducted from the final amount when we issue the final invoice.

We send your invoice to you by mail to your billing address.


Please refer to menu item Our services for the delivery options.


Our products are wrapped in flexible stretch foil, with edge protectors made of cardboard. This packaging method offers appropriate protection for our products in case of dust and dirt that the products might be exposed to under average conditions of transportation, but it is not sufficient for protecting the products from stronger physical impacts.