Preparing quotes:

The first and most important step is giving a quote to our potential customers. The prices on our website are always to be understood with handover taking place at the site of META Vasipari Kft. You can request a quote from us in two different ways:

  • Through the shopping cart feature of our website. We receive your request for quote based on the data collected there, we prepare our best quote for your request, and send it back to the email address you provide.
  • You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details of how many pieces of which product you need, in what colour, with what type of lock, and what kind of delivery (with the delivery address included), etc.

When you request a quote, please always provide your phone number so that our colleagues can contact you if they have a question. Naturally, preparing a quote for you is always free of charge.

Consulting on the phone/on-site assessment:

If you need help, we are at your disposal.
We usually suggest a phone call to specify first what function your requested product should provide. Based on that, our staff – together with you – will try to find the optimal solution. If your project makes it necessary, and our colleagues find it that way, too, we offer on-site assessment to support their work.

Support in preparing a furnishing plan:

If the plan of the room/rooms to be furnished is available, and it is known how many cabinets are needed, – or in the case of changing room cabinets, – for how many people they are needed, whether alone, or with benches or cabinets for shoes –, we can help you figure out and plan the furnishings that utilize the available space in the most optimal way.

Delivery/on-site setup:

Recently, the trend has been that 99% of our customers order our products together with delivery to their sites. We are partners in that, and certainly can handle it. We offer four different delivery options:

  • Our colleagues can deliver the product with our own vehicle; in this case on-site setup is also possible if previously agreed on.
  • We can load the products at our site on the vehicle of a transportation company who will deliver the product to the specified destination and unload it. In this case, the transportation agent only unloads the product, but no setup is carried out by them. This is to be done by the customer in every case.
  • The customer can commission a carrier to deliver the product. In this case, it is important to take into consideration that our products, due to their design, have to be transported in a standing position. As a result of this, the transportation of the product requires a vehicle of an adequate height.
  • The last option is that the customer can arrive to pick up the product, and our team helps to place it on their transportation vehicle in the appropriate way.

When transportation is organized by us, the cost of that can only be determined when we know the exact type and quantity of the products to be transported. (This is why ordering cannot be automatized on our website.)

Production of unique products:

We call a product unique when it is different – to a greater or lesser extent – from what is offered among our standard products.

This might be the case when you need a slightly shorter, narrower or deeper cabinet, or a completely diverse internal setup. Being a metal cabinet/metal furniture manufacturer, we can satisfy the need for individual designs. For this, however, we always need an individual discussion and quote.